Joe Bonomo: Detailed Training Instructions for “One Hand Get Up” (1970)


Training routines such as this bring every muscle into play, each group picking up the work smoothly from other groups as the body position changes. Routines such as this train the body muscles to work as a team, each passing the task to the next in graceful coordination.


Stand erect, hold weight overhead with one hand. Position A


  1. Slowly lower yourself on to left knee. Position B
  2. Extend left leg forward, at the same time bracing balance with left hand on floor beside you. Position C
  3. Slowly lower body to reclining position, keeping barbell high. Double right leg up to avoid a tendency t troll over backward. Position D
  4. Come to full rest position. Position E
  5. Return to Start A, by reversing procedure


This is another routine designed to develop grace of movement, agility and balance coordination. No breathing tempo is specified – since your own timing and normal breathing will work together in harmony.


The arm holding barbell is to remain vertical throughout the routine. Keep your eye on the hand holding the weight. The first time you do this, use bar only without weights.


  • 1st Day, three times each hand using bar only
  • 2nd Day, three times each hand using light weight
  • 3rd Day, three times each hand using medium weight
  • 4th Day, five times each hand using light weight
  • 5th Day, five times each hand using medium weight
  • 6th Day, five times each hand using full weight

Rest on Seventh Day. Check box each day when routine has been completed.

– Joe Bonomo, Joe Bonomo’s Barbell Training Routines, 1970.


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