“Jonglieren”: Team Kettlebell Juggling in Germany (1925)

“Jonglieren”: Team Kettlebell Juggling in Germany (1925)

Each man carries a kettle-bell that weighs about 43 American pounds. These teams go through an eliminating process similar to our trial feats. The opposing teams step toward each other, carrying the kettle-bells upon the right shoulders, and go through a series of march formations to the exhilarating strains of martial music. Each team member wears the uniform and colors of the club he represents.

Charles MacMahon: Kettlebell Juggling (1927)

The juggling of kettle-bells is a broad subject and I will not attempt to outline all the juggling stunts that are possible, but will merely give you instructions on a few of the most common.

As the title states, you need a kettle-bell or two, or ring-weights with stationary handles.

Görner the Mighty and his Incredible Kettlebell Two Hands Anyhow Record

At Dresden on 25th July, 1920, Görner lifted the enormous weight of 430 lb. (a little more than 195 kilos) overhead in the Two Hands ‘Anyhow’ style, performing the feats with four kettleweights in the following manner. He first of all swung with the right hand two kettleweights, one weighing 110¼ lb. and the other 99¼ lb.