Eugene Sandow Teaches the Kettlebell Swing/Snatch (1894)

This is an effective as well as graceful exercise, calling into play the chief muscles of the trunk and limbs, and imparting litheness and elasticity to the movements. The bell is placed on the floor a little in front of the feet, ring to the right, heels in line, and...

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Siegmund Klein, The Kettlebell (1932)

The “kettle-bell” has been for years a very important factor in developing strength, yet the modern weight-lifter rarely, if ever, uses it. This is partly the fault of the governing body of the International Weight-Lifting Association, for kettle-bells are not used in...

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Edward Aston: How to Gain Strength

The only foundation of lasting strength is perfect health, and that condition is to be gained by careful attention to the needs of the body. Live an orderly life. Do not abuse your constitution by overindulgence in anything - food, drink, sleep, rest, exercise,...

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