StrongFirst Kettlebell Course – Berlin, Germany, March 16, 2019


The most fundamental and thoroughly in-depth kettlebell instruction available within a single day.

Developed by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement, Pavel Tsatsouline, the StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is THE 8-hour kettlebell workshop—perfected.


Berlin Strength
Revaler Straße 99
10245 Berlin
Sat, March 16, 2019
Pavel Macek, StrongFirst Master Instructor 

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

We believe that strength has a greater purpose, and the Kettlebell can be the tool to help you build that strength. But what is in your way? How can you move forward to accomplish your goals?

You may be a stay at home mom or dad, or a busy executive. You may be a first responder, a member of the military or a police officer. You may be pursuing the Simple and Sinister standards, or you are a busy trainer looking for a new tool for your fitness and to use with your students. Whomever you are, you have likely tried to “get fit” and been frustrated. Running and what you “used to do” just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. And now you have a cannonball with a handle staring up at you…

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is designed for you. We have identified the fundamentals of kettlebell training and built this Course around them. Students will be taught essential skills, techniques, and principles by a small group of SFG Instructors handpicked for their ability to teach. Students will come away from the Course being able to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell on their own—the StrongFirst way.

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is ideal for newcomers to the kettlebell and also those who have been training but want to refine and perfect their technique. In other words, this Course provides a valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimize their training.

At the Kettlebell Course, you will learn the:

  • Squat—for a mobile and strong lower body.

  • Swing (beginning with the Deadlift)—for power and conditioning.

  • Turkish Get-up—for whole-body strength and skill.

  • Military Press—for strong and stable shoulders.


Why so few drills?

  • Focus. We teach only 4 fundamental skills in this 8-hour period. This allows us to ensure that all students leave with the ability to perform these movements and skills on their own, safely and effectively.

  • Principles. Students will learn our movement fundamentals, state of the art breathing techniques, and tension skills for instant strength gains. This focus on principles and fundamentals allows us to narrow the course to the essentials needed to accomplish your goals


What will you gain?

  • Independence. The kettlebell is a great tool to train with on your own. But to do so, you must learn how to use it safely, efficiently, and effectively.

  • Strength. Students will make immediate strength and performance gains once they learn the fundamentals and the principle-based system that supports them.

  • Education. The single-day Kettlebell Course is not an Instructor Certification. It is designed for all people who want to use the kettlebell to get stronger and more conditioned. Once you are taught the movements and the principles, we will also discuss programming. All students will also receive an in-depth Course manual, and the Course provides .8 CEU credits through NASM (others upon petition).

Kettlebell instruction is our passion and ongoing obsession. Our persistent dedication to every detail, combined with our unmatched pedigree and commitment to the highest standards has solidified StrongFirst’s position as the subject matter expert on kettlebell training. Modern kettlebell training originated with us and our founder, Pavel Tsatsouline, and you will not find more thorough or in-depth instruction on using kettlebells safely and effectively within a single day.

We look forward to working with you and helping you learn how to use your kettlebell the right way. “Strength starts with the kettlebell, and the kettlebell starts with StrongFirst.”

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course FAQ

What are the fundamental kettlebell movements?

The Deadlift, Squat, Swing, Turkish Get-up and Military Press are the fundamental kettlebell movements. They are easy to learn yet difficult to master. Once a student can safely do these movements to the StrongFirst Standard, they can train with kettlebells on their own safely and effectively.

Why not more exercises?

We chose the movements that are easiest to teach and offer the highest return on investment. There are other movements in our kettlebell curriculum, but we don’t want to overwhelm our students. Like all of our courses, the kettlebell course is narrow and deep!

Will the course help me prepare for the certification?

Yes, this course will help you prepare for our certification. You will learn movements that will help you on your path to becoming an SFG. But, this course is NOT designed specifically to get someone ready for our certification. It’s designed more for end users…..people who want to use kettlebells on their own to get stronger and more fit. If you are interested in learning more about our certification, click here.

Will I get a manual?

Yes, all students will receive a manual. This valuable material is great to refer to later on as you continue to pursue and refine your own skills thru strength practice.

Will I get a certificate?

No, students do not receive a certification for this course. You do receive a certificate of attendance.

What else will I learn?

Not only will you learn our 5 fundamental movements, but you will also learn: movement fundamentals, kettlebell safety, strength stretching, state of the art breathing techniques for back safety, tension skills for immediate strength gains and kettlebell programming for continuous improvement.


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