StrongFirst SFB Bodyweight Instructor Certification – Prague, Czechia, September 26-27, 2020

$1,295.00 $1,095.00

Pavel Macek, StrongFirst Master Instructor

Save $200 if you register by June 26, 2020 (pay only $1095).


Pavel Macek, Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor

KB5 GYM s.r.o.
Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 11
130 00 Prague

Saturday, September 26, 2020, 8 AM – Sunday, September 27, 2020, 6 PM

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SFB Bodyweight Certification Information

Master your bodyweight and develop the skill of strength.

The StrongFirst Bodyweight Curriculum and training methodology was developed by our Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline. At this two-day event, SFB Candidates will learn our principle-based bodyweight training system to get a powerlifting-quality strength practice session—anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

The SFB certification goes far beyond all other bodyweight Certifications. This Curriculum will make you a stronger and better strength coach, and you will learn how to teach this high-tension, high-quality system to others.

Our SFB Certifications are led by our Master StrongFirst Certified Instructors. To earn this Certification, each SFB Candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching.

The following foundational bodyweight skills are taught at the SFB Certification:

  • The Push: One-Arm One-Leg Pushup, Wall-Supported Handstand Pushup
  • The Pull: Tactical Pull-up, Hanging Leg Raise, Front Lever
  • The Squat: Pistol

Why attend?

  • Principle. Like our other Certifications, our SFB Curriculum is principle based. One does not merely “learn push-up or pull-ups” at the SFB. Instructor Candidates learn the principles of strength and the precise ways to use their bodyweight with these principles. StrongFirst is on the same page as the Marine Corps martial arts program when they say, “One mind, any weapon.”
  • Skill. Strength is a skill. Russian sports science uses the term “strength-skill.” StrongFirst has systematized the subtle and powerful strength-skills from a wide variety of disciplines. You will learn how this system applies to bodyweight training in this Certification.
  • Strength. You will get stronger—much stronger—before this event even concludes.
  • Carryover. From the breathing and stance skills of martial arts to cutting edge neuroscience research, from elite powerlifters and gymnasts to leading spine biomechanics experts, a rich and diverse body of knowledge has been organized into a logical and straightforward system for delivering instant strength gains. What you learn in the SFB Curriculum is guaranteed to carry over into all your strength practices.
  • Portability. When you take your focus away from an implement, you are able to concentrate more intently on the internal mechanisms of strength-skill. The one thing that all of your physicality has in common, after all, is your body. If you want to master the basics, you must master bodyweight strength. Generating tension, identifying weak links and leakages, adjusting leverages, and having a greater awareness and control of your own physicality. These are the elements you will learn that allow you to get a quality workout of powerlifting-caliber anytime and anywhere.
  • Focus. Like our other Certifications, this SFB is both narrow and deep. This means you learn a select few movements, but in an intensely in-depth manner. This is done to ensure adequate time to learn the movements and skills.
  • Scalability. The StrongFirst bodyweight system can be used for world-class athletes, elite military operators, soccer moms, and grandparents. The fundamentals remain the same regardless of the student.
  • Grow your business. For all the reasons mentioned above, the SFB Curriculum is one of our proudest accomplishments. Not only will you get stronger, but you will walk away with a much greater understanding of tension and strength. You will learn how to field strip the different bodyweight movements, clean them, and put them back together. You will also learn a series of progressions and regressions for each movement to accommodate almost any student. You will become a better strength coach.
  • Test yourself. Most people who attend do so to teach others and improve their business as personal trainers or group instructors. But many people attend who have no desire to teach others. They simply want to test themselves and see if they have what it takes to be an SFB. The strength test is challenging. Only those who have implemented the principles of strength into their regular practice will succeed.
  • Informative. At the SFB Certification, you will be drinking from a fire hose. State-of-the-art strength and hypertrophy design, how to seamlessly fit bodyweight exercises into barbell and kettlebell regimens, the truth about isometrics, and so much more.

SFB Bodyweight Certification Requirements


The Instructor candidates must pass two tests:

  1. Teaching safely and effectively.
  2. Strength test.

The teaching test is administered at the end of the Certification.

Candidates have a choice of taking the strength test during the Certification or submitting a video up to 6 months after the end of the Certification.


  • Men—one-arm/one leg pushup; one side is tested.
  • Masters Men (50 years and over)—one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width. (NEW 2019-01-01)
  • Women—one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width; one side is tested.
  • Masters Women (50 years and over)—6-8” elevated one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width. (NEW 2019-01-01)

SFB Testing Standard Updates

Effective November 1, 2019, we have added two tests to the instructor certification requirements as follows:

The Instructor candidates must pass four tests:

  1. Teaching safely and effectively.
  2. Strength test.
  3. Pistol test. (completed with the strength test)
  4. Pull-up test. (completed on day one)

The teaching test is administered at the end of the Certification.

Candidates have a choice of taking the strength test during the Certification or submitting a video up to 6 months after the end of the Certification.


  • Men—one-arm/one-leg pushup; one side is tested.
  • Masters Men—one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width.
  • Women—one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width.
  • Masters Women—6-8” elevated one-arm pushup with feet at shoulder width.


  • Men and Women—below parallel pistol on one leg.
  • Masters Men and Women—box pistol to below parallel on one leg.


  • Men—5 dead hang pull-ups.
  • Masters Men—1 pull-up.
  • Women—1 pull-up/chin-up or a 45-second flexed-arm hang.
  • Masters Women—30-second flexed-arm hang (chin-up grip).

Videos of the new tests will be posted shortly.

Testing exemptions

In rare cases a highly accomplished, national or international-level coach or athlete may be exempt from the strength or technique tests due to chronic injury. The same exemption is available for veteran military, law enforcement and first responders. These exemptions will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Requests for a testing exemption can be sent here.

SFB Bodyweight Certification FAQ

What skills are tested?

Skill testing is minimal. If you can pass the one strength test, you have mastered the principles of strength and can correctly apply them to your own practice. The strength test is: one-arm/one-leg pushup for men and the one-arm pushup for women. More information can be found on the requirements page.

What skills are taught?

  • The Push: one-arm/one-leg pushup, wall supported handstand pushup
  • The Pull: tactical pullup, hanging leg raise, front lever
  • The Squat: pistol

Will I have time to learn the new skills or should I know how to do them in advance?

Like the SFG I, we recommend that all Instructor candidates show up with basic proficiency in the SFB skills. These skills will be refined during the course of the 2-day event, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of the skills before we get started.

How long is the SFB credential valid?

The SFB credential is good for two years.

Can I attend without testing?

You may! Many people do.

Once certified, are there any other fees?

Once you pass, you are a StrongFirst Instructor for two years and there are no additional fees.

Will I receive a free t-shirt?

At the beginning of the event, all participants receive a free StrongFirst t-shirt. Those who pass at the event may purchase an Instructor t-shirt onsite or via the Instructors Only store.

Are spectators permitted?

They are not.

Can I receive the manual in advance?

The manual can only be received at check-in, to ensure that only those who attend the Certification receive it. Many tell us that the manual, by itself, is worth the cost of admission.

How should I prepare?

SFB is a tough Certification. Expect to apply the techniques of tension in practice. Many people have said that the weekend gave them the best ab workout of their lives.

What if I don’t pass?

Many do not pass while at the event. As mentioned before, you will be drinking from a fire hose learning new skills and high tension bodyweight techniques. You will have 6 months after the Certification to pass the strength test.


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