Great physical power is needed to properly master a heavy weight in the bent press position. I believe this lift to be the most rapid builder of physical power of any lift in the weightlifting field! It surely does a great deal to encourage all-around strength!

Photo shows the correct position for straightening the arm in this delicate lift. Many pointers are involved in correct execution of this feat and they should be mastered one by one. The most important to remember are as follows:


  1. Look directly to the wall in back of you before commencing the press.
  2. Keep the arm back on the rib box, not forward on the hip bone.
  3. Fall forward and not to the side. This is impossible at first and requires practice.
  4. Have the bar running parallel with th shoulders before starting.
  5. Have the arm almost locked at the elbow before bending the knee of the leg on the lifting side, or else your leverage will have been destroyed.
  6. The shoulder should be placed between the knees on all heavy presses.
  7. With moderate weight place the free hand on the corresponding thigh.
  8. Assume enough of a squat before coming erect to ensure complete and easy recovery without loosing the weight.
  • Harold Ansorge, Amazing Feats of Strength, 19??.

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