Two Hands Anyhow, a magnificent feat of strength, usually performed with a barbell and a kettlebell (like the legendary Arthur Saxon’s world record of 203 kg), two kettlebells, two dumbbells (Thomas Inch used to show this variation with his Inch Challenge dumbbell), or 4 kettlebells (Hermann Goerner’s incredible 195 kg).  

Here a are the rules of the United States All-Round Weightlifting Association:

Any combination of bars, dumbbells, or kettlebells may be used for this lift. The implements used may be of different weights. However, two implements must be used. The lift begins at the lifter’s discretion. Both implements must be lifted from the platform to an overhead position in which both arms are straight and the elbows locked. Any method may be used to lift the implements overhead, such as a press, push or jerk. The first implement may be lifted using both hands and then placed in one hand. The bar may be upended on the platform during the lift. The lifter may take more than one attempt at lifting the implements overhead. One implement may be taken to the shoulder or be overhead while the second implement is picked up. The implements may be lifted at the same time. The implements may go overhead separately or together. The implements may be lowered during the lift. There is no time limit on the lift. When both implements are motionless at arms’ length overhead, the body upright, the feet parallel and in line with the torso, and both arms are straight, an official will give a command to lower the implements. The lift ends when both implements are returned to the platform under control by the lifter.

Below is a video of my wife Justyna’s student Jitka, performing Two Hands Anyhow – first time in her life. Not bad, right?

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual