The only foundation of lasting strength is perfect health, and that condition is to be gained by careful attention to the needs of the body.

Live an orderly life. Do not abuse your constitution by overindulgence in anything – food, drink, sleep, rest, exercise, pleasure-seeking, may all be overdone. There is a time for all the things; and recreation in just proportion is as necessary to the body and end as are sleep and exercise, also in proportion. 

No hard-and-fast rule can be laid down as to the number of hours an individual should sleep, or as how much each should eat or drink. No two human beings are alike, and each must be treated according to his or her individuality. The only safe indicator is the state of health – if that be out of order, there is surely something amiss with the mode of living.

Exercise is as necessary as rest t the body; and my advice is: Exercise every morning and every evening; and while exercising keep your windows wide open and breathe fully and freely and naturally all the time; get all the fresh air you can: it purifies the blood. If the weather be very cold, do not strip, but wear warm clothing. Always keep comfortably warm. Always keep the body scrupulously clean; in addition to the daily cold or tepid bath, take warm bath once every week.

Have your meals at regular hours. Masticate your food thoroughly, and do not eat too much. Follow Horace Fletcher’s advice as to selection to food. Brush your teeth after each meal; it will save you pain and money.

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