Three of Carquest’s [leg] exercises, as he rightly believes that the legs play an important part indeed in weight lifting.


1. Shows a splendid exercise which may be performed with dumb-bell or barbell of light but gradually increasing weight.

Simply hold the bell aloft and then lower to the position shown, after which stand erect and then repeat.

Commentary: One-arm overhead squat is an excellent assistant drill for many old-school one-arm overheads lifts, especially the overhead swing (dumbbell), snatch (kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell), push press, jerk, and bent press (all three bells).

2. Is performed by sitting on a small box or suitable article then rise erect holding a light barbell of gradually increasing weight as shown. Return and repeat till tired.

Commentary: Picture 2 (middle) shows a similar to the Hack squat, one of the favorite exercises of the legendary “Russian Lion” George Hackenschmidt, a famous strongman and wrestler. In his book Way to Live (1908), Hackenschmidt promised it was “one of the best leg exercises in the world.” He was not alone in feeling this way. Many other well—known names in the Iron Game, both in the East and West, advocated this squat. Carquest, however, demonstrates an interesting variation of behind-the-back “box squat.”

3. The Third exercise may be performed with or without dumb-bell in each hand. Stand on one foot then lower till the knee of the disengaged leg touches the heel of the leg in action.


Return and repeat till tired.

Commentary: Airborne Lunge, back in the old days, usually done with two dumbbells, has many benefits.

Listen to Max Shank: “…in the bottom position, one hip is in flexion while the other is in extension (just like sprinting, walking, etc). The posture is significantly improved and there is no spinal sharp turns. You will also get a little more overall hip mobility and glute activation when doing airborne lunges. Lastly, the airborne lunge is also much easier to load up to a heavy weight. My two favorites are with double kettlebells in the rack and a barbell held in the Zercher position if you want to go exceptionally heavy.

Get stronger, run faster, all while increasing flexibility and movement quality–the airborne lunge is a win-win.


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One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Videos & .pdf Manual

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual