Ex. 1: –With two dumbbells held at “hang” by the sides, stand close to an open door and bring the buttocks, back of the head and shoulders all into “line up” contact with its edge. From which positional attitude, go into action so:

Sweeping the arms forward and upward overhead, rise on the toes to the fullest extent at the same time. And don’t remain satisfied just to raise the bells overhead on fully locked arms! CARRY THEM BACK and STRETCH UPWARD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE while you are doing so, trying to get an extra ” “lift” ON THE TOES at the same time.

In other words, STRETCH TO THE LIMIT everything which is being directly influenced by the movement!

Correctly to return to the starting position, lower the heels and the bells together, proceeding again as just instructed.

Ex. 2:–Seated on a chair-height stool or box, take dumbbells to be used to “hang” position and set body and head well upright. Then take the shoulders back-AND THE WEIGHTS WITH THEM!

This is necessary effectually to flatten the back!

From this position, sweep the bells out and put sideways overhead, turning the hands at the last part to bring the bells held parallel.

A momentary pause, then return the bells over the same radius, taking care to carry them well to the rear so as to duplicate the position of commencing stance. THIS LATTER INJUNCTION IS IMPORTANT!

Ex. 3–Standing heels together-head erect, chest well  “forward” – dumbbells held at “hang” by
the sides, simultaneously raise the weights laterally to shoulders’ level and sink down in to a full knees bend (the heels, naturally, being raised from the ground in performance of the latter action.) A momentary pause in this position, then re-straighten the legs and lower the heels, allowing, at the same time, the bells to drop back to the “hang.”

Direct the bells slightly backward as the arms are raised. Also in order to combine preservation of an erect carriage and balance-keep the head perfectly erect by drawing it slightly back with chin depressed (not raised), LOOKING STRAIGHT TO YOUR FRONT ALL THE TIME!


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One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Videos & .pdf Manual

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual