1. The bent press is the making of a lifter. It promotes efficiency in all lifts, and its practice will promote a great deal of strength and development.

2. Don’t push the bell immediately after it is brought to the shoulder. Lean as far down as you can before you start to press.

3. You will be more successful with a long thick handled bar. It gives you more to push against, turns more slowly and assists in maintaining balance.

4. Practice pulling in more weight to the hip than you can press; hold it there for a few seconds. As your strength increases, your bent press will improve.

5. Turn the bar until the sphere touches the head before starting to press. When your head is lowered permit the bar to turn a bit more until it is exactly parallel with the shoulders.

6. Bend or twist around so far that you don’t need to twist or “screw” around farther when you press. In pressing while twisting three things must be done at once. By bending straight down you save your side muscles, complete the lift easier and quicker and should succeed with a greater lift. Turn the bar completely and bend almost straight to the left.

Bob Hoffman: 12 + 1 Bent Press Thoughts (1938)

7. Practice of pressing in the supine position or the shoulder bridge will improve your bent pressing.

8. Every lifter who has been renowned for beauty of form and symmetry of physique is also a star at the bent press.

9. The bent press is the easiest of all ways to put a big weight aloft. It is spectacular and is the best means of developing a reputation as a strong man.

10. Your body will gain support by sliding the left arm down the left leg until the arm pit touches the thigh. Some men reach over to touch the right leg with their left hand. The arm should assist in regaining the erect position.

11. Don’t bend your right leg until absolutely necessary. Bend it only slightly until the weight is nearly up, lock the arm and then lower the hips in preparation to coming erect. There is so much that has been written about locking the arm as the hips are lowered. I have found that locking the arm first is the only way, then lower the hips and come erect.

12. Always watch the bell. Don’t take your eyes off it for a fraction of a second.

13. The bent press is the most interesting and fascinating of all lifts.



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