Single-Leg Squat

An exercise for the rectus femoris, vastus externus, and vastus internus muscles of the thighs and the gluteus medium and gluteus maximus muscles of the hips, executed with or without resistance.

Stand erect. Raise the left leg forward and off the ground.

When executed with resistance, how a barbell with an over-grip in position across the shoulders, the hands par apart as the weights on either end will permit, or hold dumbbell extended at the right side. When executed without resistance, place the hands on the hips or extend the arms forward. 

Slowly lower the body into a squat position so that the buttocks are as low as possible without tipping the body over, and the left leg is fully extended in front of the body.

Recovery is executed by raising the body to the erect one-leg supported starting position,

Stand erect and raise the right leg. If a dumbbelll is being used, transfer it to the left hand. Then execute the exercise and recovery in the same manner described for the right thigh.

One squat and one recovery to the starting position constitutes one repetition.

  • Bob Hoffman, Weight Training for Athletes, 1961.

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