Foot Exercises

Stand erect, feet together, raising the body on the toes and permitting it to come down gently on the outside of the feet, giving a sort of a rolling motion to the feet.

This exercise can be done 50 times, or less if found too strenuous.

NOTE: This exercise increases the strength of the instep and is a great aid in preventing fallen arches. It should never be neglected, as many people are afflicted with weakened insteps, especially they who have to walk considerable distance on the hard pavements of the city.

Foot exercise

Come down on the outside of the foot in a rolling motion. This strengthens the insteps.

Leg Exercise

Standing between two chairs, or a chair and the bed, with the fingers extended on the chair and on the bed in order
to maintain the balance, raise the right foot from the floor, and bending the knee of the left foot, lower the body as far as possible, and then raise the body a convenient number of times by straightening the left leg. Now alternate. We suggest 25 times for each leg.
The results of this exercise if faithfully performed every morning will be very noticeable. It makes one exceedingly quick on his feet.

Leg exercise

Leg exercise. Twenty-five times for each leg. You can use one hand against wall or bath tub.


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