Thomas Inch Learns the Dumbbell Swing

The dumbbell seems to have played a part in Inch’s career from a very early age, and not necessarily the challenge dumbbell. At the age of 15 he accepted an invitation to visit Professor Josef Szalay in London.

Saxon’s Bent Press Tips

Here are few interesting tips on the bent press.
It is necessary to practice this lift (bent press) all the time; the main thing to start right is to get the barbell right in the center so that the barbell balances itself in the open hand.

How to Keep your SFG Skills Sharp

I am currently practicing Simple & Sinister, i.e. Get-Up and Swing.

I have divided the remaining skills into 2 groups:

Grinds: Military Press, Front Squat, Windmill, Bent Press
Ballistic:  Snatch, Clean, Push Press, Jerk