In many yoga schools, it has been customary to celebrate these key milestones of the year on the solstices and equinoxes by practicing 108 repetitions of Surya Namaskar, the “Sun Salutation” – and that’s exactly what we will do.

Ladies & gentlemen, please join our #GGP108 “Sun Salutations” Challenge!

Great Gama Protocol & “Sun Salutation”

After many years of research and, most importantly, practice, in the spring of 2020, we filmed the English version of a long-in-the-works minimalist bodyweight training program called Great Gama Protocol (available here).

Since then we have held numerous seminars (online and live) and taught selected GGP exercises at a number of fundraisers and community events. We are very happy to see that not tens or hundreds, but thousands of enthusiasts all over the world are now starting their day with GGP exercises.

In addition to Hindu push-ups (Dands) and Hindu push-ups (Bethaks), GGP includes a specialized “wrestler’s” version of Surya Namaskar – a much more dynamic practice compared to the various yoga variations.

Starting slowly and with a smaller range of motion, gradually the range of motion expands and speeds up until one gets into “flow”, then slows down again for the last few repetitions and the practitioner focuses on extra stretching.

Sample video of the GGP’s “Sun Salutation” (2 reps)

#108GGP: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Rules of the #GGP108 “Sun Salutations” Challenge

  • Join the Facebook event HERE, and share the event!
  • Practice any variation of “Sun Salutation” that you know.
  • 1 repetition = 1 sequence from standing to standing, one side (if practicing lunge variations) – so there are 2 repetitions in the sample video.
  • Perform all 108 reps ideally in one go; if you are starting out, spread the reps out over the day as needed: do some in the morning, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening.

Special thanks to the professional team of master photographer and filmmaker Stanislav Petera (Light Garden Academy), who shot and edited the English and Czech versions of GGP and many other Czech and international projects (such as THE FORGE or StrongFirst’s Kettlebell Simple & Sinister) that we have already published or are planning.



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