Lying down and rising with dumb-bell. Hold the bell overhead, right hand. Bend both knees, place left hand on the floor a little to the rear, extend the left leg forward and sit down. Now extend right leg, bending left arm until you are resting on the elbow. Lean slowly backwards to prone position.

Rise. Bend left leg and draw same up until left foot is beneath your right calf. Turn over to your left side, bending left arm until you rest on elbow, and carrying the dumb-bell over to that side. Lean forward, taking great care to preserve the balance of the bell until you are able to straighten the left arm, upon which you must rest the greater part of the weight. You will now be able to get on to both knees, when the right foot should be placed on the grounded you will be able to rise. Perform this exercise once only, first on the right arm and then, after a short rest, with the left. In a few weeks it may be tried twice in succession, but great care must be taken, as it involves a great strain on the heart. Practical all the muscles are called into play in this exercise.

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One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual