I am currently practicing Simple & Sinister, i.e. Get-Up and Swing.

I have divided the remaining skills into 2 groups:

  • Grinds: Military Press, Front Squat, Windmill, Bent Press
  • Ballistic:  Snatch, Clean, Push Press, Jerk

For 14 days, I kind of GTG the selected skills – throughout the day, with relatively light weight (usually 24s), with a lots of rest in between, not many “sets”. I do 2-5 reps of the grinds, 5-10 reps of the ballistic drills, and focus on absolutely perfect technique.

Each day I do all the drills form the selected group, but I always focus on one of them, e.g. today I did: Military Press, Front Squat, Military Press, Windmill, Military Press, Bent Press.

When I feel that the technical GTG might take strength from my S&S practice, I do less, or don’t practice any of these drills.

Inspired by the old-time strongman programming from SFG2.

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual