Most people do the swing wrong because they think it is a 2 count movement:

  • 1 – down (= evading to soon, which leads to all kind of troubles like the weight pulling you forward, ending too low between the legs etc.)
  • 2 – up (= lifting with the hands)

Think of the swing as 4 count movement (let’s start form the top):

  • 1 – bell is falling, you wait in the plank
  • 2 – you evade and hinge when the arms touch the body and the bell almost hits you in the groin.
  • 3 – you explosively reverse the movement and come back to plank.
  • 4 – bell flies forward.

1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4…

Steve Freides, Senior SFG, comments:

“I describe this, your steps #2 and #3, as a “quick turn-around.” In order to effect a quick turn-around, you must wait as long as possible before moving your hips back and then, as quickly as you sent them back, you must bring them forward again. Except for the quick turn-around, the rest of the time is float.”

Yours in Strength & Health

Pavel Macek

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