Make the dumb-bell up to about 40 lb. or so for a start, taking care to allow for the weight of the handle as well as the discs. Now stand with the bell between your feet, one set of discs to the front and other to the back. Place your left hand upon your left knee, take hold of the bell with your right hand, and give it a little swing out to the front and slightly upwards. Allow it to return almost to the first position, but through the legs (keep it clear of the ground this time) and then swing the dumb-bell up to the front with a straight arm, right overhead. Take your left hand off your knee as the bell goes up, and never take your eyes off the weight. Lower the bell gently, first to the shoulder and then to the ground. Let it rest there for one or two seconds, and then repeat up to five times. After finishing with the right hand repeat with the left. The limit for this dumb-bell should be about 55 lb. or so, and you will find it a fine strengthening agent for the shoulder muscles. It was a great favourite with Tommy Farr, who used an ordinary 56-lb. weight, but a disc dumb-bell is much better. 

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One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Videos & .pdf Manual


One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual