Using the same dumb-bell (40 to 55 lb. in weight according to your strength and expertness), bring it to the shoulder with the right hand. Give it a slight jerk by first bending (only slightly) the legs, and then suddenly straighten them and push hard. As you do so, lean well over to your left, watching the dumb-bell carefully, the left hand being held out and away. Lower to the shoulder, assisting the bell back with the other hand. Repeat the movement four or five times and then go through the same movements with the other hand. 

  • Thomas Inch, Spalding’s Book on Boxing and Physical Culture, Gale & Polden Ltd.

Note: Inch is describing what we would call today a push press (just one dip before the drive), not a jerk (which uses second dip under the bell).

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing Tutorial - Free Video & .pdf Manual